Wikeeps Europe SAS, Paris

Wikeeps Europe SAS, Paris

Brand refresh for Wine preservation and dispensing system brand from France


“Working with the Magicians of Blue Spice for all our rebranding, new packagings, new website and new overall communications has been great.

We reached our high expectations and achieved our goal, going through a total revamp of our image and communication.

Blue Spice took us by the hand, made every step effortless and created their magic.”

Wikeeps Europe SAS, Paris

What we did

Wikeeps® is a wine preservation and dispensing system brand which positions itself as a clean, modern and upmarket brand.

We have modernized and refined the Wikeeps brand identity, to better reflect Wikeeps’ vision and ambition. A new colour scheme for the brand has been developed with the consideration of the related elements’ colours from , such as the wine and the product itself.


Marketing materials

Business cards, presentation templates, price lists, etc. are also a part of Wikeeps’ brand refresh process.


wikeeps packaging

Packaging & repositioning

Repositioning the brand was a strategic decision made. We decided to separate the product range in 2 with one product line dedicated to the retail market and one line for professionals. All packagings have been redesigned according to the graphic chart: white for the retail line and black for professionals. New features have been added on the packaging, such as transparent windows, allowing the customer to see clearly the product inside.


Wikeeps’ website is now a powerful selling tool, fully responsive to maximize users’ experience, and SE optimized. Have a look here.

wikeeps website
wikeeps catalogues


Wikeeps’ catalogues were updated with colour scheme, font and style to match the new corporate identity. We used our 3D technology to generate hyper-realistic images of packagings and new products before their production.

Booth design

Recently Wikeeps exhibited at Sirha 2015, the World Hospitality & Food Service Event. Artwork that was used to decorate their booth was created by Blue Spice.



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Brand development for a leading quality toys and educational products importer in Thailand.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 colours

Everything started when Enginou’s owners came to us with their name, tagline and the 3 colours they wanted to incorporate into their brand identity.


Brand development


First, we carefully developed Enginou’s logo, using a co-design approach.


Then we designed Enginou’s graphic environment, including milestones icons, themes, colors and fonts to create a strong and appealing identity for the brand.

Enginou’s E-Shop

& GinouBlog

Enginou is a a powerful & successful customer-friendly e-commerce platform,

Integrating user interface, user experience and navigation as key features of this website.

Web-design & coding.




What do we do:

  • Brand development: logo, stationery, icons & infographics, graphic chart, themes
  • Marketing material design: e-newsletter campaign, catalogue, flyer
  • Web design & development


Great news!

Enginou has opened its first retail store located in one of Bangkok’s busiest business and shopping districts.

Please go to visit the shop, it is awesome!

Annette itim TukTuk

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Annette itim TukTuk

A Tuk-Tuk on the road to success in Southeast Asia.


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca the Younger
I would add when I think of Anne and Nicolas : “Success is what happens when organization skills meet great ideas.”

Claire Souchet – Magic director @ Blue Spice.

Concept – Branding – Product Development


Selling delicious and uniquely shaped and flavored ice-creams in Thailand’s iconic Tuk-Tuk is an innovative concept leading to great success.




Blue Spice itim tuktuk

What we did / we are doing

  • Tuk-Tuk concept development : research – 3D modeling – technical drawings – patenting visuals –
  • Brand name & logo development
  • Graphic identity & Tuk-Tuk design
  • Photo-shoot and retouch
  • Marketing materials: menu, banners, booth design, catalogue, marketing presentation, flyers.
  • Web design & development

Tuk Tuk’s functions

Because Design means Function + Aesthetic, we started the co-design process with a list of problems to solve:
How to transport / cool / sell / cash in / advertise / entertain / in 2 square meters space (including the driver!)?

The answer is an elegant and vintage Tuk-Tuk which became a proper on wheels ice-cream shop.


Blue Spice itim tuktuk (1)

The success of Annette i tim Tuk Tuk

11 Tuk-Tuks are parked in Thailand’s shopping and dining hot spots, 2 franchises will open in Singapore and Phuket in the next few months and the project of an ice-cream factory is in the pipeline.

We will keep you posted!