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DECATHLON Thailand’s dedicated team proved themselves highly efficient. Indeed, they managed to open 5 stores in Bangkok within just a few months’ time frame.

Blue Spice is proud to have been part of that, assisting the team on the in-store communication, designing slogans in English and Thai, and creating all side-banners and signage in the stores.

What We Did?

Blue Spice feels proud to prove themselves efficient in setting up the slogans at the Decathlon Store in both English & Thai for every unique customer to understand and buy products.

BlueS5557 - Decathlon - In-store communication - Final result  (3)
BlueS5557 - Decathlon - In-store communication - Final result  (11)

What We Did?

Blue Spice is proud to have been part of that creating all side-banners. Banners for products were designed and created in both English & Thai to for Decathlon Store.

What We Did

Blue Spice is proud to have been part in creating all signage in both English & Thai at the Decathlon Store, to make it easier for the buyers to find their requirement counter easily.

BlueS5557 - Decathlon - In-store communication - Final result  (1)


Not a small challenge, have a look at the “before” photos… 3 weeks before the Grand Opening in Bangna !

Even Luxury Brands Use Promotional Products

Even luxury brands use promotional products!

Luxury brands use a lot of promotional products for:

-Gift when purchase

-Welcome gift during events

-VIP customers reward

-Employees recognition

– etc.

One of the most popular promotional products is the MUG

A promotional product is an article of merchandise (often branded with a logo or slogan) used in marketing and communication programs. These articles are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event at trade shows, conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns.

What are the features of promotional products dedicated to luxury brands?

The luxury brands products differ from promotional products for mass-markets.

  • The branding is often more subtle
  • The branding are under-control and consistent with the brand policy.
  • The products are fully customized: shape, materials, finishing
  • The quality is better as the purchase price is higher (more budget allocated to luxury brands campaigns)

Welcoming gift

That set of porcelain candle and tray were given at the launch of a New Year party at the luxurious hotel Wynn et Encore in Las Vegas – US.

The design has been inspired by the main hall interior design.

The objects has been made in in Limoges, France, in pure white porcelain made.

Porcelain candle for VIP Harry Winston’s customers.

Porcelain box for The Plaza New York’s rewarded employees

Blue Spice - Chanel

Gift When Purchase

This toiletry bag has been created for Chanel, as a gift when purchase a promoted beauty product.

The pattern on the side is unique and designed for this campaign. This pattern and the graphic skills behind are the only added-value for this pretty standard product.

Customized mug for Ligne Roset as a gift when purchase

Ligne Roset is a French modern furniture company that was founded by Antoine Roset in 1860 in Montagnieu, France.

Ligne Roset

Silk scarf made in France in Lyon for De Beers, as a VIP customer gift

Blue Spice

Key visuals

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Key visuals


KEY VISUALS is a concept, a way of representing or organizing an information under a visual scheme. It can either be a graphic organization or a diametrical representation. Key visuals represents the conceptual relationships between object, events or situations.


Key Visuals are essential to a brand’s identity, it is vital that people recognize the visual, to recognize the brand. Therefore the image needs to be simple, clear, striking and powerful, to be imprinted in peoples mind. And it is shown that people recognize or remember a picture after seeing it at least 3 times.

As key visuals will represent your company, your key visuals need to be correlated to the brand image you want to expose. This is a long research work to find the best representation. The best way to come up with a lot of ideas is to collaborate and work on key visuals with specialists.

Blue Spice key visuals
Blue Spice key visuals


The Key Visual of a company is an individual and specific image that is identified for a brand it self. For example, Mcdonald’s logo, the red and the yellow are specific colors, imaging you change them ? Lighter red and darker yellow or even purple and orange !? In your mind it would not be Mcdonalds anymore… If you change the color, the specificity and recognition will also change.


As a co-design agency, we can help you to create and design your key visuals and also to adapt them on all your marketing tools to insure a coherence between your brand and the image from your brand.

Brand logos are part of key visuals but they are not the only ones. In order for a logo or key visual to be efficient it really needs to by comprehensible, unique and adapted to the target group. Key Visuals and visual communication are tightly linked (please refer to the previous article written about visual communication).


Blue Spice key visual


Key Visuals are essential to lock a brand’s leadership in order to affirm and reinforce it’s identity. It is also important to master some codes in order to facilitate a certain domination over the market.


Ex : before we would bite in a piece of chocolate, now we spread chocolate on bread, and this is called NUTELLA !

Packaging development


  • Packaging protects your product
  • Packaging  informs your clients
  • Packaging development is a strategy included in your product development
  • Packaging is the first eye contact with the customers
  • Packaging represents your brand
  • Packaging makes you identifiable
  • Packaging makes you unique
  • Packaging makes you original
Packaging functions
Moodboards packaging blue spice

Everything starts with mood-boards

  • What is the product ?
  • What is the target audience/markets/competitors
  • What makes your product different ?
  • What are you distribution channels ?

All these questions are essential before designing your packaging.

We carefully study your market and competitors in order to suggest a packaging that will enhance your product in comparaison to the others…

Packaging concept & materials selection

Taking your budget into account, we will select different materials and concepts for your packaging.

Materials could be (but not only):

– cardboard / paper

– PT (transparent plastic)

– Blister and paper

– wood/ leather / PU leather

– Fabric

or a mix of several materials.


On the right, please find an example of a blister tray we have designed. This element will be wrapped in a cardboard box with a plastic window in order to show off the products inside.

Blue Spice - Wikeeps - packaging material
Designer using a graphic tablet

Create a unique artwork to distinguish your products on shelf.

Once the materials and the size of the packaging have been defined, we create a unique artwork to decorate, inform and make your packaging outstanding.

The customer needs to have his attention directly attracted to your item and then need to understand in one glance what is your product.

Keep in mind that the artwork plays a great part in your packaging and that even a paper bag can look very attractive and/or very different with an unique illustration.

Work closely with the factory for your packaging to be turned to life.

As industrial designers, we work closely with the factories through the whole production process.

Die-cuts (flat design of your packaging that includes the invisible lines for cutting and folding) are elaborated in collaboration with the producer.

We will make sure special printing effects are indicated, clear and understood by the factories (foil printing, stamping…)

Once the sample is produced, we make sure everything is perfect and will correct details if needed in order for your final packaging to be outstanding.


Blue-Spice-packaging-die line and mock up

When packaging is part of the product

This packaging bellow was developed from scratch for a welcome pack for Huyndai. It is a part of the product itself.

We defined the concept (what I would like to get when I buy a car?), researched the materials in accordance to the brand’s identity (PT, brushed metal, foam) and designed the packaging with the opening system.

Hyundai packaging development Blue Spice

Look at them, there are awesome:

Simple design, great ideas…

Wikeeps Europe SAS, Paris

Brand refresh for Wine preservation and dispensing system brand from France


“Working with the Magicians of Blue Spice for all our rebranding, new packagings, new website and new overall communications has been great.

We reached our high expectations and achieved our goal, going through a total revamp of our image and communication.

Blue Spice took us by the hand, made every step effortless and created their magic.”

Wikeeps Europe SAS, Paris

What we did

Wikeeps® is a wine preservation and dispensing system brand which positions itself as a clean, modern and upmarket brand.

We have modernized and refined the Wikeeps brand identity, to better reflect Wikeeps’ vision and ambition. A new colour scheme for the brand has been developed with the consideration of the related elements’ colours from , such as the wine and the product itself.


Marketing materials

Business cards, presentation templates, price lists, etc. are also a part of Wikeeps’ brand refresh process.


wikeeps packaging

Packaging & repositioning

Repositioning the brand was a strategic decision made. We decided to separate the product range in 2 with one product line dedicated to the retail market and one line for professionals. All packagings have been redesigned according to the graphic chart: white for the retail line and black for professionals. New features have been added on the packaging, such as transparent windows, allowing the customer to see clearly the product inside.


Wikeeps’ website is now a powerful selling tool, fully responsive to maximize users’ experience, and SE optimized. Have a look here.

wikeeps website
wikeeps catalogues


Wikeeps’ catalogues were updated with colour scheme, font and style to match the new corporate identity. We used our 3D technology to generate hyper-realistic images of packagings and new products before their production.

Booth design

Recently Wikeeps exhibited at Sirha 2015, the World Hospitality & Food Service Event. Artwork that was used to decorate their booth was created by Blue Spice.