As Blue Spice is a co-design and visual communication agency, specialized in the toy industry, we can help you conceptualizing and design new objects and toys for children. Helping you in each step from the development of the product and the packaging, to the visuals and production files for the licenser and the factories and finally the photo shooting and touching of your products and the creation of a marketing campaign.


The first and main function of Toys is to Play. Therefore the biggest challenge for a designer is to create a toy that will stimulate the children. Either by the concept of the game and its function, either by the image it self. While developing the products, the designers should be aware as much as possible of the final player (the age at first, and then, the gender, the price, the material…). Designers must be aware of the specifications of children and of the difference in the education according to the age and respect three main criteria’s :

  1. the safety and durability of the toy
  2. the Versatility of the toy
  3. the pleasure of the child while playing with the toy
Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games
Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games


The development of packaging for toys is crucial while launching a new product. First of all, the packaging will enable the correct presentation of the toy (inside the box), as well as the artwork outside. The packaging is an essential part in the buying decision process. This is what will push the children to what the toy and will reassure the parents that this toy is secure enough and adapted to their children.


The creation of the product visuals (product it self and the packaging) have to be as precise as possible, as these files are essential in order to obtain a license to commercialize the toys. In the toy industry licenses are mandatory, and always need to be approved, in order for the client to be able to produce and sell the toys. As an example if you would like to produce “Fisher Price” toys, the clients will need to buy the license, develop the toys and send them to “Fisher Price” for an approval. After that, the toys can finally be on the market.

Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games
Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games


The production files of the toys is a real challenge. These files have to represent exactly the designed toy. No mistake is allowed, as we know that the toy industry is very strict. A perfect production file will enable a perfect production of the toys as well as a complete security for the children when they will want to play with the toys. Especially for small children/babies that will be attracted by small pieces, during the – put every thing in your mouth – phase.


The photo shooting of the toys and the scenario of children playing with them are essential in the decisional process of buying them. Children and parents need to picture themselves with the toy in order to anticipate if it is appropriate or not. In one picture, you should understand, the function of the toy, how to use it, what age, the material, how does it contribute to the stimulation of the children…

Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games


The Marketing Campaign is the final step in the success process of your toys. Advertising around the new toy is essential in order for the final clients (children and parents) to be aware about how great and safe is your product. There are different kind of marketing strategies according to the country. The most powerful campaigns would be the newsletters (directly targeting your clients), the catalogues (in order to show all the items and capabilities), as well as a beautiful booth in order to stand out during trade shows, as the toy industry is so secretive and competitive.

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