Packaging development


  • Packaging protects your product
  • Packaging  informs your clients
  • Packaging development is a strategy included in your product development
  • Packaging is the first eye contact with the customers
  • Packaging represents your brand
  • Packaging makes you identifiable
  • Packaging makes you unique
  • Packaging makes you original
Packaging functions
Moodboards packaging blue spice

Everything starts with mood-boards

  • What is the product ?
  • What is the target audience/markets/competitors
  • What makes your product different ?
  • What are you distribution channels ?

All these questions are essential before designing your packaging.

We carefully study your market and competitors in order to suggest a packaging that will enhance your product in comparaison to the others…

Packaging concept & materials selection

Taking your budget into account, we will select different materials and concepts for your packaging.

Materials could be (but not only):

– cardboard / paper

– PT (transparent plastic)

– Blister and paper

– wood/ leather / PU leather

– Fabric

or a mix of several materials.


On the right, please find an example of a blister tray we have designed. This element will be wrapped in a cardboard box with a plastic window in order to show off the products inside.

Blue Spice - Wikeeps - packaging material
Designer using a graphic tablet

Create a unique artwork to distinguish your products on shelf.

Once the materials and the size of the packaging have been defined, we create a unique artwork to decorate, inform and make your packaging outstanding.

The customer needs to have his attention directly attracted to your item and then need to understand in one glance what is your product.

Keep in mind that the artwork plays a great part in your packaging and that even a paper bag can look very attractive and/or very different with an unique illustration.

Work closely with the factory for your packaging to be turned to life.

As industrial designers, we work closely with the factories through the whole production process.

Die-cuts (flat design of your packaging that includes the invisible lines for cutting and folding) are elaborated in collaboration with the producer.

We will make sure special printing effects are indicated, clear and understood by the factories (foil printing, stamping…)

Once the sample is produced, we make sure everything is perfect and will correct details if needed in order for your final packaging to be outstanding.


Blue-Spice-packaging-die line and mock up

When packaging is part of the product

This packaging bellow was developed from scratch for a welcome pack for Huyndai. It is a part of the product itself.

We defined the concept (what I would like to get when I buy a car?), researched the materials in accordance to the brand’s identity (PT, brushed metal, foam) and designed the packaging with the opening system.

Hyundai packaging development Blue Spice

Look at them, there are awesome:

Simple design, great ideas…