Nest Inspirations

Nest Inspirations, the success’ fragrances

Nest Inspirations (Pty Ltd) is a family owned and run Australian company, operating in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Andrew Curnow and his amazing team create fantastic ranges of aromas, oil diffusers and fragrances that are distributed in department stores.

Nest Inspirations’ strategy is to combine the quality and originality of a fragrance with the opportunity of having a beautiful design to enhance the product. Creation is their motor, creating a correlated image through each brand, through each range, through each product.

The Design, the atmosphere and the product are the elements that attract the clients and that have enabled Nest Inspirations to stand out and work for incredible companies by creating best selling products, respecting the brand image and totally adapting the fragrance, the product it self, the packaging, and all the visual communication around it.

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Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton was originally specialized in pottery. Producing tableware and collectables since the early 19th century. Today Royal Doulton owns many different brands reflecting different universes. Mostly selling porcelain and glass sets, the company has opened their horizons and is now offering home decoration.
Nestinspirations invested in research and launched a new range of Royal Doulton’s candles and interior diffusers sold around the world.

Lilly’s Wish

Lilly’s Wish is a wonderful collection of Must have home fragrance ! From scented candle through perfume diffuser these products will unable you to create a real atmosphere in your Home, as well as a personal identification. These balanced and structured smells will make you feel delighted. Lilly’s wish, created a real identification and recognition through the design of the products them selves. By being simple, natural and fresh ; all of which you retrieve in your new home atmosphere.
Lilly’s which is the own brand of Nest Inspirations, a very good seller for years!

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Royal Albert

Royal Albert creates the most Romantic, Exuberant and Feminine Tea Sets creations. The inspiration comes from the English country garden and the national flowers that enhance the grace and elegance. To complete their feminine tableware collection Royal Albert wished to create a gift section of interior fragrances that you could offer to the Tea Party Host. The smells are floral and make you feel happy. The design of the product and the packaging totally represent the important traits of the brand. The coherence is very successful !

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Bunnykins is a tableware and figurine collection dedicated to children and parents. The Bunnykins characters were created and designed in the early twentieth century. As soon as they were available on the market, Bunnykins became popular ceramic designs. They are manufactured as nursery dishes and collectible figurines.
Nest Inspirations created delicious baby products and rejuvenated the brand.