Lyric Opera of Chicago

To make something beautiful, you need passion.


Creating objects which reflect the company’s image.

The Lyric Opera of Chicago, founded in 1954, is one of the world’s greatest opera companies. It is renowned internationally for its artistic excellence.
Developed exclusively by LR Paris, for the Lyric Opera souvenir shop in Chicago.

What we did

Custom-made mug in finest porcelain,

Decorated with finesse by our designers, using distinctive elements from the Opera.

Personalized earphone holder & earphone for event souvenir.

Beautiful and high quality umbrella. The top was inspired by the Lyric Opera’s grand drape.

Simple & elegant tote bag in canvas.


What we did

A set of 2 playing cards, customized in front and back customized and presented in a refined box.


Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our products on display in stores or in catalogues.