Brand development for a leading quality toys and educational products importer in Thailand.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 colours

Everything started when Enginou’s owners came to us with their name, tagline and the 3 colours they wanted to incorporate into their brand identity.


Brand development


First, we carefully developed Enginou’s logo, using a co-design approach.


Then we designed Enginou’s graphic environment, including milestones icons, themes, colors and fonts to create a strong and appealing identity for the brand.

Enginou’s E-Shop

& GinouBlog

Enginou is a a powerful & successful customer-friendly e-commerce platform,

Integrating user interface, user experience and navigation as key features of this website.

Web-design & coding.




What do we do:

  • Brand development: logo, stationery, icons & infographics, graphic chart, themes
  • Marketing material design: e-newsletter campaign, catalogue, flyer
  • Web design & development


Great news!

Enginou has opened its first retail store located in one of Bangkok’s busiest business and shopping districts.

Please go to visit the shop, it is awesome!