Product development & visuals for ConXion, a promotional company specialized in custom-made products based in Denmark.


Companies are like human beings – they are all different.

CONXION A/S is specialized in the production of custom-made promotional merchandise and profile clothing. ConXion believes that companies are like people – no two are alike! This is why all their solutions are custom-made.

What we did

A USB drive can be a very powerful communication & promotional tool, when it is customized.

This USB drive has been developed from scratch using the graphic identity of the client.

3D technology was used throughout the process:

  • creating hyper realistic images in order to convince the customer,
  • producing a 3D print mock-up to confirm the order,
  • allowing the factory to quote quickly and efficiently,
  • providing the factory with technical drawings and accurate specs to produce this USB drive in a 5.000 pieces volume.

What we did

All products can be personalized and improved with appealing artworks.

Our drawings are made by hand, using graphic tablets.

Long hours are spent to decorate, imagine characters & environments and design delicate patterns.

What we did

Impress your clients with hyper realistic and high-end images.

3D rendering has very good results on materials such as metal, plastic, leather, stone or wood.

With only one image, you can explain, show, convince and make an impression.


What we did

A very simple box which was complex to produce.

This box looks simple but it is not. The medical products inside needed to be perfectly maintained and the opening system had to be adapted to older people’s physical abilities..

We simulated this box in 3D, using the product samples received in order to produce the first prototype which was very successful!