Even Luxury Brands Use Promotional Products

Even Luxury Brands Use Promotional Products

Even luxury brands use promotional products!

Luxury brands use a lot of promotional products for:

-Gift when purchase

-Welcome gift during events

-VIP customers reward

-Employees recognition

– etc.

One of the most popular promotional products is the MUG

A promotional product is an article of merchandise (often branded with a logo or slogan) used in marketing and communication programs. These articles are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event at trade shows, conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns.

What are the features of promotional products dedicated to luxury brands?

The luxury brands products differ from promotional products for mass-markets.

  • The branding is often more subtle
  • The branding are under-control and consistent with the brand policy.
  • The products are fully customized: shape, materials, finishing
  • The quality is better as the purchase price is higher (more budget allocated to luxury brands campaigns)

Welcoming gift

That set of porcelain candle and tray were given at the launch of a New Year party at the luxurious hotel Wynn et Encore in Las Vegas – US.

The design has been inspired by the main hall interior design.

The objects has been made in in Limoges, France, in pure white porcelain made.

Porcelain candle for VIP Harry Winston’s customers.

Porcelain box for The Plaza New York’s rewarded employees

Blue Spice - Chanel

Gift When Purchase

This toiletry bag has been created for Chanel, as a gift when purchase a promoted beauty product.

The pattern on the side is unique and designed for this campaign. This pattern and the graphic skills behind are the only added-value for this pretty standard product.

Customized mug for Ligne Roset as a gift when purchase

Ligne Roset is a French modern furniture company that was founded by Antoine Roset in 1860 in Montagnieu, France.

Ligne Roset

Silk scarf made in France in Lyon for De Beers, as a VIP customer gift

Blue Spice


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As Blue Spice is a co-design and visual communication agency, specialized in the toy industry, we can help you conceptualizing and design new objects and toys for children. Helping you in each step from the development of the product and the packaging, to the visuals and production files for the licenser and the factories and finally the photo shooting and touching of your products and the creation of a marketing campaign.


The first and main function of Toys is to Play. Therefore the biggest challenge for a designer is to create a toy that will stimulate the children. Either by the concept of the game and its function, either by the image it self. While developing the products, the designers should be aware as much as possible of the final player (the age at first, and then, the gender, the price, the material…). Designers must be aware of the specifications of children and of the difference in the education according to the age and respect three main criteria’s :

  1. the safety and durability of the toy
  2. the Versatility of the toy
  3. the pleasure of the child while playing with the toy
Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games
Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games


The development of packaging for toys is crucial while launching a new product. First of all, the packaging will enable the correct presentation of the toy (inside the box), as well as the artwork outside. The packaging is an essential part in the buying decision process. This is what will push the children to what the toy and will reassure the parents that this toy is secure enough and adapted to their children.


The creation of the product visuals (product it self and the packaging) have to be as precise as possible, as these files are essential in order to obtain a license to commercialize the toys. In the toy industry licenses are mandatory, and always need to be approved, in order for the client to be able to produce and sell the toys. As an example if you would like to produce “Fisher Price” toys, the clients will need to buy the license, develop the toys and send them to “Fisher Price” for an approval. After that, the toys can finally be on the market.

Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games
Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games


The production files of the toys is a real challenge. These files have to represent exactly the designed toy. No mistake is allowed, as we know that the toy industry is very strict. A perfect production file will enable a perfect production of the toys as well as a complete security for the children when they will want to play with the toys. Especially for small children/babies that will be attracted by small pieces, during the – put every thing in your mouth – phase.


The photo shooting of the toys and the scenario of children playing with them are essential in the decisional process of buying them. Children and parents need to picture themselves with the toy in order to anticipate if it is appropriate or not. In one picture, you should understand, the function of the toy, how to use it, what age, the material, how does it contribute to the stimulation of the children…

Blue Spice – portfolio - Toys & Games


The Marketing Campaign is the final step in the success process of your toys. Advertising around the new toy is essential in order for the final clients (children and parents) to be aware about how great and safe is your product. There are different kind of marketing strategies according to the country. The most powerful campaigns would be the newsletters (directly targeting your clients), the catalogues (in order to show all the items and capabilities), as well as a beautiful booth in order to stand out during trade shows, as the toy industry is so secretive and competitive.

Blue Spice –  portfolio - Toys & Games (7)

Nest Inspirations

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Nest Inspirations

Nest Inspirations, the success’ fragrances

Nest Inspirations (Pty Ltd) is a family owned and run Australian company, operating in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Andrew Curnow and his amazing team create fantastic ranges of aromas, oil diffusers and fragrances that are distributed in department stores.

Nest Inspirations’ strategy is to combine the quality and originality of a fragrance with the opportunity of having a beautiful design to enhance the product. Creation is their motor, creating a correlated image through each brand, through each range, through each product.

The Design, the atmosphere and the product are the elements that attract the clients and that have enabled Nest Inspirations to stand out and work for incredible companies by creating best selling products, respecting the brand image and totally adapting the fragrance, the product it self, the packaging, and all the visual communication around it.

Blue Spice Nestinspirations (3)

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton was originally specialized in pottery. Producing tableware and collectables since the early 19th century. Today Royal Doulton owns many different brands reflecting different universes. Mostly selling porcelain and glass sets, the company has opened their horizons and is now offering home decoration.
Nestinspirations invested in research and launched a new range of Royal Doulton’s candles and interior diffusers sold around the world.

Lilly’s Wish

Lilly’s Wish is a wonderful collection of Must have home fragrance ! From scented candle through perfume diffuser these products will unable you to create a real atmosphere in your Home, as well as a personal identification. These balanced and structured smells will make you feel delighted. Lilly’s wish, created a real identification and recognition through the design of the products them selves. By being simple, natural and fresh ; all of which you retrieve in your new home atmosphere.
Lilly’s which is the own brand of Nest Inspirations, a very good seller for years!

Blue Spice Nestinspirations (1)

Royal Albert

Royal Albert creates the most Romantic, Exuberant and Feminine Tea Sets creations. The inspiration comes from the English country garden and the national flowers that enhance the grace and elegance. To complete their feminine tableware collection Royal Albert wished to create a gift section of interior fragrances that you could offer to the Tea Party Host. The smells are floral and make you feel happy. The design of the product and the packaging totally represent the important traits of the brand. The coherence is very successful !

Blue Spice Nestinspirations (2)
Blue Spice Nestinspirations (5)


Bunnykins is a tableware and figurine collection dedicated to children and parents. The Bunnykins characters were created and designed in the early twentieth century. As soon as they were available on the market, Bunnykins became popular ceramic designs. They are manufactured as nursery dishes and collectible figurines.
Nest Inspirations created delicious baby products and rejuvenated the brand.

Packaging development


  • Packaging protects your product
  • Packaging  informs your clients
  • Packaging development is a strategy included in your product development
  • Packaging is the first eye contact with the customers
  • Packaging represents your brand
  • Packaging makes you identifiable
  • Packaging makes you unique
  • Packaging makes you original
Packaging functions
Moodboards packaging blue spice

Everything starts with mood-boards

  • What is the product ?
  • What is the target audience/markets/competitors
  • What makes your product different ?
  • What are you distribution channels ?

All these questions are essential before designing your packaging.

We carefully study your market and competitors in order to suggest a packaging that will enhance your product in comparaison to the others…

Packaging concept & materials selection

Taking your budget into account, we will select different materials and concepts for your packaging.

Materials could be (but not only):

– cardboard / paper

– PT (transparent plastic)

– Blister and paper

– wood/ leather / PU leather

– Fabric

or a mix of several materials.


On the right, please find an example of a blister tray we have designed. This element will be wrapped in a cardboard box with a plastic window in order to show off the products inside.

Blue Spice - Wikeeps - packaging material
Designer using a graphic tablet

Create a unique artwork to distinguish your products on shelf.

Once the materials and the size of the packaging have been defined, we create a unique artwork to decorate, inform and make your packaging outstanding.

The customer needs to have his attention directly attracted to your item and then need to understand in one glance what is your product.

Keep in mind that the artwork plays a great part in your packaging and that even a paper bag can look very attractive and/or very different with an unique illustration.

Work closely with the factory for your packaging to be turned to life.

As industrial designers, we work closely with the factories through the whole production process.

Die-cuts (flat design of your packaging that includes the invisible lines for cutting and folding) are elaborated in collaboration with the producer.

We will make sure special printing effects are indicated, clear and understood by the factories (foil printing, stamping…)

Once the sample is produced, we make sure everything is perfect and will correct details if needed in order for your final packaging to be outstanding.


Blue-Spice-packaging-die line and mock up

When packaging is part of the product

This packaging bellow was developed from scratch for a welcome pack for Huyndai. It is a part of the product itself.

We defined the concept (what I would like to get when I buy a car?), researched the materials in accordance to the brand’s identity (PT, brushed metal, foam) and designed the packaging with the opening system.

Hyundai packaging development Blue Spice

Look at them, there are awesome:

Simple design, great ideas…


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Product development & visuals for ConXion, a promotional company specialized in custom-made products based in Denmark.


Companies are like human beings – they are all different.

CONXION A/S is specialized in the production of custom-made promotional merchandise and profile clothing. ConXion believes that companies are like people – no two are alike! This is why all their solutions are custom-made.

What we did

A USB drive can be a very powerful communication & promotional tool, when it is customized.

This USB drive has been developed from scratch using the graphic identity of the client.

3D technology was used throughout the process:

  • creating hyper realistic images in order to convince the customer,
  • producing a 3D print mock-up to confirm the order,
  • allowing the factory to quote quickly and efficiently,
  • providing the factory with technical drawings and accurate specs to produce this USB drive in a 5.000 pieces volume.

What we did

All products can be personalized and improved with appealing artworks.

Our drawings are made by hand, using graphic tablets.

Long hours are spent to decorate, imagine characters & environments and design delicate patterns.

What we did

Impress your clients with hyper realistic and high-end images.

3D rendering has very good results on materials such as metal, plastic, leather, stone or wood.

With only one image, you can explain, show, convince and make an impression.


What we did

A very simple box which was complex to produce.

This box looks simple but it is not. The medical products inside needed to be perfectly maintained and the opening system had to be adapted to older people’s physical abilities..

We simulated this box in 3D, using the product samples received in order to produce the first prototype which was very successful!