Annette itim TukTuk

A Tuk-Tuk on the road to success in Southeast Asia.


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca the Younger
I would add when I think of Anne and Nicolas : “Success is what happens when organization skills meet great ideas.”

Claire Souchet – Magic director @ Blue Spice.

Concept – Branding – Product Development


Selling delicious and uniquely shaped and flavored ice-creams in Thailand’s iconic Tuk-Tuk is an innovative concept leading to great success.




Blue Spice itim tuktuk

What we did / we are doing

  • Tuk-Tuk concept development : research – 3D modeling – technical drawings – patenting visuals –
  • Brand name & logo development
  • Graphic identity & Tuk-Tuk design
  • Photo-shoot and retouch
  • Marketing materials: menu, banners, booth design, catalogue, marketing presentation, flyers.
  • Web design & development

Tuk Tuk’s functions

Because Design means Function + Aesthetic, we started the co-design process with a list of problems to solve:
How to transport / cool / sell / cash in / advertise / entertain / in 2 square meters space (including the driver!)?

The answer is an elegant and vintage Tuk-Tuk which became a proper on wheels ice-cream shop.


Blue Spice itim tuktuk (1)

The success of Annette i tim Tuk Tuk

11 Tuk-Tuks are parked in Thailand’s shopping and dining hot spots, 2 franchises will open in Singapore and Phuket in the next few months and the project of an ice-cream factory is in the pipeline.

We will keep you posted!