Story telling strategies for brands to immerse into consumer’s lives

Story telling strategies for brands to immerse into consumer’s lives

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“There is always a connection between brand and business, and it is unnecessary to create a story for it.”

Believe me, this is what consumers understand when it comes to branding. As a designer, to build a strong brand value involves a lot of energy to build trust from consumers. Isn’t it a good time for a good change from instead of building a brand to indicate that “we are selling something” we may need to rethink if the brand “has created something valuable”


The key question to communicate the story within the brand is “How can you let the brand communicate a story in the daily life, naturally” And those stories are meant to create a special feeling to consumers whereas the products and services are just only part of it. The story of the brand is like the story of someone who is an inspiration for a lot of people. After that, you will see that the brand has participated in daily life and make their life better. Brand will immediately become a motivation to build faith in consumers’ life.

The heart of the story in this way is to demonstrate the identity and personality of the brand, towards a desired point. If we observe in the digital world, you would notice that consumers are always looking for story ideas, views, or help to fulfill factors to improve their quality of life to become more success.

Thus, the success of a brand is like a case study where consumers can learn and applied to daily life. So what brand really communicates doesn’t rely on the question of “selling” but “what the value does brand bring to you”, “what does brand believe” and how can you make your brand successful? The key to success in business story to lifestyle is based on the values that inspire consumers to believe and follow.



Ap01-04parel brands in the world with its dominant broadcasting on jeans as a brand identity to represent a lifestyle, dare to be different and independent.
Levis jeans aren’t just a costume only, but it is also something that conveys personality and positioning of the wearer. Levis has launched a campaign “The live in Levis” to reflect its identity of the brand that eventually had lifted to be part in every step of consumer’s life.

Moreover Levis had also inspired people around the world to use hastag “#LiveinLevis” including #ladiesinLevis to link between jeans and ladies by setting up a trend for women to design their own style by using Levis jeans.

So “do not sell your product is the best way to sell in this era,” because by trying to do a hard sell, makes consumers feel like they are being subjected hand whereas letting a business builds its branded makes consumers feel valued.

To convey the value of goods and services through the stories of everyday life, it is for the most powerful in form and is the best way for consumers to absorb the values of the brand as part of their lives without feeling resistance. When the relationship between brands and consumers are better, consumers are clearly starting to separate between product and the brand. As much as I could compare to famous celebrities, no matter what they do, it would always influence the minds of enthusiasts.

Red Bull


“Brand of an energy drink, has been recognized as a global brand that communicates a brand story continuously, clearly and interesting. Moreover, Red Bull did a fantastic job by communicating their brand story to reach consumers whom have faith and similar interest to attend activities that require energy like sport events or parties.01-02

Red Bull signs can be spotted anywhere worldwide both online and offline since the start of its own to the party atmosphere or the sport events including social media and the press in general. The story is being conveyed through touch, hear and feel combining with the presentation format which are all focused at the center point such as personality, beliefs and identity. Red Bull’s slogan is Give you Wings which captures the heart to inspired Red Bull as a brand of traveler whom loves to set up a goal and challenging “

A lot of iconic brands are a symbol of the consumers and constantly influence the lives and create values to their lives. Consumers will continue to find out about the brand to fit them with the same lifestyle that the brand has to offer. All that, is only about “changing the business to become part of everyday life” this can also extend to many other businesses


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