How powerful is packaging design?

How powerful is packaging design?

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How powerful is packaging design? A package does not only protect the product. It plays an important role to decide the price, and it also has an impact on the purchasing power of consumers. Moreover, the packaging should be considered the appearance when it is placed in the household or office. Again, consumer’s needs and market’s characteristics by thorough research, and develop the naming and design improving the competitiveness. The direction of packaging can be classified broadly depending on the characteristics of products.

It is worth mentioning that packaging, unlike other fields of design that draw on the combined skills of the graphic and industrial designer, presents a unique challenge since it encompasses such a diversity of materials and production processes. The range of finishes that can be achieved through the choice of printing and production techniques present extensive creative opportunities, but they are invariably constrained by the packaging materials.

perrier_blue spice


Enlightening Labels

Displaying the necessary product information or branding on a package can often require bespoke processes that significantly increase the cost of production. The most common effective, and efficient way of delivering customised information to standard packaging containers in the label. Labels provide a platform tat can deliver product information, instructions, and branded graphics and iconography to the user without having to apply print to the surface of the primary package.


By: “Dragon Rouge”
Project: Perrier Bottle
Specification: Offset lithography, aluminium paper, vitrophany


Something Special
By: “Blue Spice Design”
Project: Royal Doulton

The packaging of items for special occasions invariably entails a little extra consideration on the part of the designer and a slightly more generous budget on the part of the client. This usually presents designers with far more creative freedom than other packaging briefs and offers exciting opportunities to experiment with a wider range of materials and printing primroses. The very nature of gift packaging demands a little extra flare from designers to not only raise the profile of the perjure above the competition on a commercial level but also, on a personal level, to serve as a suitable desirable product in its own right for the recipient.
The choice of rich earthy colours and that tactility produced by the matte finish are deliberate design choices made to reflect and maintain the brand’s natural characteristics.ROYAL DOULTON FABLE-02


Weird and wonderful
By: “Blue Spice Design”
Project: Plant Milk Package

Not all packaging employs the familiar materials of glass, plastic, paper and metal. Some products allow peculiar packaging solution, while others allow the use of bizarre materials. While the outlandish is often difficult to achieve when mass produced, smaller production runs or one-off designs can allow designers to consider bespoke packaging that can take the job out of the familiar and into the realm of the weird and the wonderful.

Blue Spice_Plant Milk Packaging



– Print and production finishes for packaging by Edward Dension
– Perrier
– Royal Doulton
– SODEXO Foundation


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