How powerful is packaging design?

How powerful is packaging design? A package does not only protect the product. It plays an important role to decide the price, and it also has an impact on the purchasing power of consumers. Moreover, the packaging should be considered the appearance when it is placed in the household or office. Again, consumer’s needs and market’s characteristics by thorough research, and develop the naming and design improving the competitiveness. The direction of packaging can be classified broadly depending on the characteristics of products.

It is worth mentioning that packaging, unlike other fields of design that draw on the combined skills of the graphic and industrial designer, presents a unique challenge since it encompasses such a diversity of materials and production processes. The range of finishes that can be achieved through the choice of printing and production techniques present extensive creative opportunities, but they are invariably constrained by the packaging materials.

“The key to success is satisfying the needs of the customers, and by achieving that goal, it will lead to maintaining and getting customers” – Walter Landon

Over the time and experiences, I have learned that creating a brand isn’t just something you can do on your own. it involves a lot of other aspects and communication between you as a company and your clients. As a branding agency, our clients come to us for many reasons. Some introduce a new offering, enter a new business, some change their business models or expand into new markets. Some simply want generate excitement among internal and external audiences; still others seek to define and measure brand value or reestablish their unique, relevant point of difference. All these, involve a lot of works from both sides, we have to work with the project team at the client side to proceed the project..


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As Walter Landor from Landor Associates said, Design activities in the field of advertising are primarily short-term, but marketing, design, and corporate design are created based on the premise of long-term use. Therefore, there is a big difference between them in terms of conditions, talents, and abilities. Sometimes we have to refuse to accept the project that does not include the consumer research process due to budgetary reasons. However, A Branding system must be considered as a flexible creature. It must transform, growing as time goes by and developing to meet the changing needs of the client. It is important not to be stuck with data and manual, and must have a balance that can react to the sudden changes of market.

In the huge movement and changes of business world, companies change their identity to stay with or ahead go the business world. This act is sometimes called merger, start up, spin off, etc., Whatever this act is called, the question for all of us is probably be “What is the best form of change”