Problems with Communication

Problems with Communication

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There are all kinds of problems in business but the most common one that we all have experienced is problem with communication.  If you search through the websites, you’ll find plenty of tips of “how to” communicate with your clients. Some websites might even show you some solutions. However, there’s very little of what actually happens between designers and their clients

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As a designer, I often have troubles with communication, especially when it comes to different languages. Based on a book, “Logo Design Love by David Airey” – because most clients will be anxious about the process of having a brand identity created for their business. Many will see ideas as a risk, and not as a way to secure their mortgage.  So the more-in-depth your initial discussions, the more at ease you will make your clients.

When you understand client’s motivations involves a lot more than simply setting minds at ease, however, you’re not a mind reader , so a series of specific questions and answers about your client’s needs and desires is the first order of business. You then turn this information into a design brief that reflects the expectations of both of us for the project.

The art of the conversation

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Many of us get nervous about presentations and find it a bit unpredictable; one way to alleviate pressure is to look at client presentations from different angle. Presentations are really nothing more than a conversation with the client. If you have spoken in close contact throughout the process – by listening to client and responding thoughtfully, by clearly articulating how the process works, and by maintaining the dialogue with the decision-maker in the organization – then the presentation itself is just a continuation of that ongoing exchange. Nothing is going to be as good as to be clear and concise with your explanations. It’s also important to edit your thoughts so that everything you say has a valid reason for being said.



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