Thrown a Way

Thrown a Way

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“Thrown a Way” is a series of 6 diptychs, the fruit of a collaboration between Nousch Ruellan, costume designer and visual artist and Djavanshir N, photographer.


Globe2 2


Outfits and photo shoot done in Brussels. This project began after a request from the Aéroports de Paris for their end of the year display. The customers and accessories are made from recycled and/or distorted materials. Coffee capsules, milk cartons, plastic forks and spoons, water bottles, different packaging, posters, advertising banners


Paris 7


These images are drawn from the universe of science fiction. They evoke a world similar to the Jean Christophe Rufin novel “Globalia” or the comic book “Les Eaux de Mortelune” by Adamov and Cothias, in which people are consumed, “in the same way as the garbage that they wear.”

In reference to a time when garments marked social appearance, the objects making up the outfits are indicators of their identity. Clad in these garments, these characters show us a new era, feeding off the past, feeding off waste.


Ours 7


Belue Spice - Cleopatra 2


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