What makes DEAMBULONS so special?

What makes DEAMBULONS so special?

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alpes homeDEAMBULONS is a new French company who designs original furniture and structure with Bamboo for individuals and professionals. Manufactured in France, with French grown bamboo, cocoons and giant structures aspire to create beautiful living spaces, working places and events.

Bamboo is used, through the exploration of all its singularities and its features to design indoor and outdoor unique spaces. The strength and flexibility of bamboo offer amazing creative possibilities! The DEAMBULONS products give at the same time a natural touch with the material and a modern touch with the curves and shapes.


The DEAMBULDEAMBULONS - EM Lyon - Creativity Learning Hub 18ONS project has grown in Asia and born in France. Jean-Baptiste Dubois has always been a big fan of Design, Architecture and Land Art. Between 2003 and 2005 he took charge of an NGO school project in Thailand with the Karen Ethic group. The Karen’s are famous for their handicraft and building with Bamboo so Jean Baptiste learned with them how to cut and transform the bamboo during these 2 years. Back to France and after 5 years working about Marketing in different companies he decides to set up his own company to create beautiful and eco-friendly designed product… with bamboo.



The customers of DEAMBULONS Cocoon’s are families, companies, schools, co-working spaces and library that want to have a design place to rest and relax. DEAMBULONS also build some giant bamboo structure (Up to 120 square meters!) for events, parks and Land Art contest.


For more information: www.deambulons.com / https://www.facebook.com/Deambulons

Contact : deambulons@gmail.com / +33(0)

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