Innovative Toys and Games

Innovative Toys and Games

29 August 2015,   By ,   0 Comments

This month focusing on the useful – creativity for children..

 Clever Pacifier

Tired of your baby dropping his pacifier ? Nothing to clean it…

Or finding the pacifier under the bed or the closet ? Nothing to protect the pacifier when you put in your bag? Here you go, the perfect solution, of a protected Pacifier. No more bacteria’s in baby’s month. Feel relieved.

Blue Spice – Innovative toys & games (2)

Light and multi-use back pack

We don’t all the chance to have the latests bags to go to school, nor the most modern desks, or even not a little bit of space at home to do the homework. Therefore these new concepts are revolutionary, cheap and useful.

Blue Spice – Innovative toys & games (3)

Interactive plate

Tired of seeing your baby cry because he wont eat any green vegetables ? Make the diner become a game. And let baby run his own construction field. Now diner will become fun, and baby will be happy ! Challenge of making him eat green peas is accepted !

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