Interview of Ken & Koon

Interview of Ken & Koon

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Sikan Nakprom (Ken) and Siruj Nakprom (Koon) are Twins. Ken and Koon are Thai. Ken and Koon are Graphic Designers. Ken and Koon are both very Talented. Ken and Koon, the amazing story of two brother, working for the same company, UCT-Asia, as complementary designers.


  1. Could you please introduce yourself.

Koon: I have a degree in Communication Art from Chandrakasem Rajabhat University and I am currently a graphic designer. I like drawing especially comics and I read a lot of that as well.

Ken: I graduated in Product Design from Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. I am graphic/product designer and I like to work on 3D modeling which is a part of product development.

As mentioned above, we are both good in different things. Our style and work are totally different. If you tell us to draw the exact same thing, the outcome will be totally surprising, not a single similarity in our works. However, we think that our differences in styles and competences, have a great complementarity. Ken works on the product designing itself with the shape and the creation of the function. Koon works on the artwork and final details of the product, in order for the outcome to be perfect.

We had never planed to work together in the same company. Now working together is one of the best experiences we have had.


  1. How did you figure out that you wanted to study and work in the design industry? Can you please tell us why ? Is it something you have discuss about together ?

Ken: I have always liked drawing. Ever since I was a child, I like to create and reproduce. It is very important for me that people like my work, as this encourages me to continue. During high school, I hesitated and was about to change my mind. But then, I decided to do what I liked and what I was good at… Therefore the creation.

Koon: Since I am a child, I also love reading comics, and I decided to fallow my dream of doing what I like and what I am good at. We did talk about what we both wanted to do. Surprisingly we decided to follow the same track which encouraged and motivated each other.


  1. Where and how do you usually find inspirations for your work?

Ken: One thing I often do is browsing through the internet. I feel it is one of the best ways to find a lot of information, and to me it is the most up-to-date material. Other than that, I also find inspiration in my sketching, as this is how I encourage my creativity.

Koon: Regarding the comic side, I usually find my inspiration in the books. I find some references in the existing books as I like to see the work of other people. I can therefore set up my own mind about what I like and do not like. Seeing others work, enables my thinking process to be more adaptable. As I then imagine what I would do differently, how I would do it, how I can develop it to make it better. Other than that, my inspiration is in my everyday life. I find ideas in places a go to, people I meet, and things that I do.


  1. Do you think design and innovation are related? If so, how?

Ken: For me, innovation and design are always related, as innovation tends to be a part of the design process. The design of a product is essential for the final decision of using or buying, however the innovation is as well. As or world is evolving and moving forward each second. We have always been taught to think in the future.

Koon: I think innovation is very important for graphic design it self, in order to create something brand new, but as well in the comic world. It is essential that the environment of the comics is coherent, futurist and sometimes considered as original. You need to draw the whole world of the character according to your imagination. And it needs to be perused the same way be all of us, in order to understand the depth of the message.


  1. Are you familiar with the term co-design? Is it something you often use?

Yes, co-design is something we use a lot, and especially between us. As mentioned earlier, we are both good in different domains of design, and we often have inputs on each other work. We are also familiar in using other people’s ideas to in order to increase the creativity in our work. Co-design is actually one of our motto in life. We use our ideas and or designs and we share it with other designers and outside people, that can anticipate the final use of our product, or that simply are involved in the project. This outside help, enables us to create products adapted to the final user.

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Blue Spice interview

  1. Tell us a little bit about your favorite project.

Ken: One of my favorite projects is ceramic design which is a mug. I have worked for a ceramic company before so it is something that I like and I know that I can do it well.


Blue Spice interview

Blue Spice interview


Koon: My favorite project is a comic I created which has been published on a Thai Comic magazine.

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