The importance of Packaging

The importance of Packaging

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The packaging of a product is very important, as it reflects the marketing strategy that has been set up.

The role of the packaging is Essential :

  • Packaging development is a strategy included in your product development
  • Packaging is the first eye contact with the customers
  • Packaging has to represent your brand
  • Packaging has to make you identifiable
  • Packaging has to make you unique
  • Packaging has to make you original

Therefore a lot of attention needs to be brought to your packaging, and your marketing strategy needs to be clearly identifiable, in order for the product and it’s image to be coherent.

The top 10 requests about packaging

have been identified after a survey made by the IRI (Information resources Inc.)

  1. Eye catching appearance (to stand out on the shelf)
  2. Design, shape and color
  3. Functionality
  4. Innovation/novelty
  5. Material used
  6. Efficient communication and information
  7. Multisensory appeal to intensify perception
  8. Appropriateness for the product as an indicator of quality
  9. Value Packaging to communicate sophistication
  10. Additional benefits (as entertainment)

As packaging will be a very important factor in the decision of purchasing your product or not, by collaborating with Blue Spice, we will find your packing style, the best material for your product, the best designs to increase your sales and an original way to introduce your project/product to the public.

Original and New trends :

Today, big brands are undressing their packaging…

Blue Spice innovative packaging

Blue Spice innovative packaging

Blue Spice innovative packaging

Blue Spice innovative packaging

The brands are going more and more to what is essential. They are combining sophistication and re-definition, in order to create “the act” of buying.

Trying to analyze what will make the client buy their product instead of their competitor’s. It is important to make the product stand out, in order to seduce the client (for the first time, the client sees the product).

In addition, the packaging has to make the product identifiable immediately by the consumers.

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