Metropolitan Museum, NYC

Metropolitan Museum, NYC

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Entering the MET is like entering a temple. You are directly confronted to your own ideas, spirituality, knowledge, your likes, and beliefs. Walking through the alleys is walking through time and observing the world’s evolution.

The Art from every origins is exposed, it is one of the biggest on earth ! You can even enter an Egyptian pyramid, observe knights armours, admire American Indians fashion work, appreciate the details of European paintings, interrogate your self upon modern and contemporary art, be moved by Asian pictures…

Blue Spice MET 2

Walking around the MET will surely make you feel so many different emotions. One day would not even be enough to know this cultural centre, constantly enriched of more than five thousand years of history.


The inevitable movies “The Thomas Crown Affair” and “When Harry met Sally” were both shot in the Metropolitan museum of Art.


 The Art collection is astronomical with more than a million of collection pieces.  

Blue Spice MET 3






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