Innovative Items, July 2015

Innovative Items, July 2015

10 July 2015,   By ,   0 Comments

A very nice and original items selection for you this month.

 Summer Hanging-Barbecue

Blue-Spice-Innovative items-12

You love Barbecues because you love nice summer evenings on the beach or in your garden… But what if you do not have a garden ? what if you can not go to the beach ?

This portable Barbecue easily hangs on your terrace or small balcony. You will be able to enjoy barbecue at home… You wont need to transport all your food, chairs, your table, ect.. just go on your balcony and enjoy.


PrestatiOOn BallOOn…

Blue-Spice-Innovative items-13

Balloons, small balloons, big balloons, water balloons, flying balloons… There are so many different types of balloons. This Juxtaposition of two distinct objects is bringing focus to the collection of the apparel.

Using the balloon to hang and show off the clothes is such a clever idea, as the signification of balloons is very powerful. Not only representing the joy and recklessness of children it also reinforces the idea of power and domination, and is becoming a new presentation must-have.



Blue-Spice-Innovative items-14

You just had a baby, and each time you are going somewhere you feel like you need to move your entire house ? Baby needs all his nursing kit, and trolley and, seat and bed… Here this innovative Baby Bag where you can carry everything you need and you can open it as a bed for baby to sleep comfortably everywhere.

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