BRANDING – Your Brand has a personality

BRANDING – Your Brand has a personality

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Your brand has a personality, express it- stand out. BRAND IT.
Branding, strongly related to a certain brand’s image. It is a term used in Marketing and Graphic Design domains in order to create a coherent brand image, consistent and valorizing that will enhance and tell the brand’s story in order for people to recognize the brand easily.


includes the image and the content of a brand, its history, its style, the quality of its products, its values, but very importantly the brands logo and graphic chart. And all of this through, the company’s name – term – sign – symbol – design… to identify the goods/services from other sellers. As the Brand is what consumers perceive about a company and how it makes them feel.

Branding groups all the actions and reflexions that a company commits in order to expand and reflect a positive image on this globalized market. Branding should be based on the company’s goals.

The discipline of Branding

became very popular in the early XXth century, as since around 20 years we live through brands in this market consumption society. Branding is very important in today’s world. As a branding well conducted will create a certain homogeneity enabling the brand to enter the market on a very natural and transparent way as well as in the consumer’s life, without him noticing. In addition, your brand is your promise to the customer. It reflexes what the clients can expect from your product/service and what differentiates you.

In order to succeed in branding,

it is very important to understand the needs and wants of your clients/prospects. So it is important to integrate your brand strategy through certain objectives in order for your branding to be as efficient as possible

  • the delivery of a clear message
  • a confirmed credibility
  • strong connection with the emotions of your customers
  • a motivated buyer
  • a loyal consumer

!! An effective brand strategy will give a boost to your company on this super competitive market !! 

You need to use both Branding and Marketing together.

As branding is strategic and marketing is tactical. And in order to achieve that, the building of a brand’s strategy is a critical phase as a brand strategy includes : how, what, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages. Your advertising strategy, your distribution strategy, the information you communicated… are all part of your brand’s strategy it self.




We have selected 6 key elements

in order to have an effective branding :

– Branding must reflect your brand’s personality, story and positioning statements

– Branding has to be consistent

– Branding should connect emotionally (consumers can connect rationally to your product or emotionally, if emotionally chances to spend more on you are higher) : you connect with in deeper level

– Branding leads to Rewarding and Cultivating your clients (your clients love you, love them back)

– Branding impacts needs to be measured & analysed (new campaign, strategic decision..)

– Branding must be flexible


Branding & Blue Spice 

Blue Spice will guide you through the process of your branding. We can help you in any steps. From the creation of your brand identity & name, to the logo, and all the marketing materials needed in order for your brand to be coherent and to stand out through many different tools (flyers, catalogues, ads, website, business cards,…)

We will help you to put words on the image you have of your brand and the image you wish to give.

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