Museum of Modern art, the source of Design

Museum of Modern art, the source of Design

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A little crossing on the 6th avenue, a building smaller than all the others, a modest entrance, welcome to one of the most artistic and cultural places of America, the MoMa. The Museum of Modern arts, hides so many treasures. From Monet to Picasso, from Frida Kahlo to Andy Warhol, from Matisse to Klimt, this amazing place is a incredible source of inspiration where all centuries, all the styles, all the design ancestors have exposed their richness.



Walking through the aisle and strolling in each chamber creates a peaceful and cultural time stop. By watching each artwork, you can feel the emotion and history of each piece. Visiting the MoMa will certainly wake hidden emotions you were not even aware of.


The classical floor is not the only reality escape of the MoMa. Indeed, this year, from March to June, a whole floor is dedicated to the impressive and successful career of the artist Björk. Her last song (which is more of a small movie), is projected on a double screen in a small and dark room. The outcome is stunning and spectacular.


MoMa, is a source of inspiration. Every piece of this museum is a creation. From the first floor to the top, from the entrance to the gift shop. Therefore, MoMa is not only a tourist activity, but a personal culture inevitable. Artist or not, sensitive or not, creative or not, an afternoon in MoMa will deeply affect your inner thoughts.

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