E-motion design by Martin Woutisseth

Interview, Michèle Stutz
Michèle, originally Swiss, is a talented interior designer. She finds her inspiration by innovating in new sustainable ways. Her creativity comes from the culture mix she is currently living in. But also from her curiosity and her envy of making the world a better place to live in.

Innovative Items, July 2015

A very nice and original items selection for you this month.

Metropolitan Museum, NYC

Entering the MET is like entering a temple. You are directly confronted to your own ideas, spirituality, knowledge, your likes, and beliefs. Walking through the alleys is walking through time and observing the world’s evolution.

BRANDING – Your Brand has a personality
Your brand has a personality, express it- stand out. BRAND IT.
Branding, strongly related to a certain brand’s image. It is a term used in Marketing and Graphic Design domains in order to create a coherent brand image, consistent and valorizing that will enhance and tell the brand’s story in order for people to recognize the brand easily.