Innovative items: June 2015

Innovative items: June 2015

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A selection of innovative items by Blue Spice:

An annual summer under your feet


Blue Spice - Innovative items

Blue Spice – Innovative items

Summer is the most loved season in the year, sun on your skin, cocktails in your months and grass under your feet.

These grassy-flipflops will remind you of your amazing summer holidays, at each moment of your day. This is a, must have, branded item, that will bring peps and happiness to your cold and grey day. Your feet will feel exquisite and exclusive. These filpflops will delight the heels carriers.

Innovative upside down umbrella

Blue Spice - Innovative items

Blue Spice – Innovative items

A rainy day outside implies a wet and grey day inside. Yes, your umbrella does not solve every problem. Even if you are under “protection” you systematically get wet, or at least a little. What about trying to dry your umbrella ? This is not a reason to damage the carpet ! To solve all these problems of getting wet, or wetting everywhere when raining, Jenan Kazim has created an innovative umbrella that opens on the opposite side !

Have a look at the KAZbrella video:


Unique packaging to advertise in the street

Blue Spice - Innovative items

Blue Spice – Innovative items

These are the must-have items you need if you want to promote your brand to the largest potential clients.

Indeed. Just think a minute. When you go shopping, how long do you carry around a shopping bag ? A few hours, the whole afternoon, one entire day ?

How many people do you think you cross in the street, in shops, in the subway ? Probably a few hundreds.

How many potential clients will remember this packaging, if they see it once, twice or more in the same afternoon ? A LOT.

An original packaging is the first step to attract clients because of a clever differentiation. And if your designed bag becomes a packaging gift, you can also think in terms of savings…

The luggage trolley for parents

Blue Spice - Innovative items(4)

Blue Spice – Innovative items(4)

Traveling is always stressful and it is even more when you have a baby. Airports are dangerous places, with people hurrying everywhere, little cars carrying trollies, escalators and so on…
Therefore, in order to bear this risk, what would you think of this luggage with a trolley integrated to protect your baby and make traveling fun for him and less stressful for you !

This travel trolley is light, practical and super safe !

Cute Nail polish Dryer

Blue Spice - Innovative items(5)

Blue Spice – Innovative items(5)

How often do you start using your fingers once your nail polish is not dry ? How often do you have to re-paint your nails ? Did you ever have a friendly little animal with you while painting your nails ?

Here is a magical solution. The concept is designable and re-designable. This item is revolutionary. It dries your nail polish by blowing on your fingers… It is so small that you can bring it with you every where and no need to be scared of chipped nails.

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