Very Local Trip challenges the traditional tourism industry

Very Local Trip challenges the traditional tourism industry

Today we would like to introduce you to Very Local Trip. It is a pretty cool concept that challenges the traditional tourism industry in a unique way…

Interview with Brad Ascalon

Brad Ascalon is a very talented Designer in NYC. Creation and material mix is what characterizes him. Brad has worked for many international and renamed companies that have valued and recognized his work.

Celia from Blue Spice had the opportunity to question him about his creations and his work, answers below:

Innovative items: June 2015

A selection of innovative items by Blue Spice:

VISUAL COMMUNICATION – Create to communicate

“ Visual communication shapes our everyday life”

Visual communication is a specialty tightly linked to imagery, graphic design and advertising. It is used to give a sense to an image, to reinforce a brand image, to ease the visit of an exposition, … Visual communication defines all the visual information that are transmitted to the consumers with visual and graphical tools : it empowers the medias, informs, distracts, makes you want to buy or play,… Today medias are de-multiplied so visual cods are as well. Their life cycle is shorter and shorter, therefore they have to face a quick obsolescence.