Interview of Frederick McSwain

Interview of Frederick McSwain

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While growing up in North Carolina, Frederick McSwain studied Fine Arts and Design at the University of North Carolina. After graduation, his career began with a series of painting installations that influenced his inspiration. He then was able to express his multiples talents through different disciplines. In 2010, he founded his studio to explore the overlaps in art, design, and popular culture. He was part of the Gallery R’Pure exhibits “BrokenOffBrokenOff” in 2011, “Love it or Leave it” in 2012, and “Off the Grid” in 2013.

Today, Frederick is chief creative officer for LR Paris and creates beautiful objects for leading companies.


What is your opinion on co-design ?

Co-design is becoming more and more important for the Designer’s inspiration. It is vital to know and to understand the stakeholders, the way they think, how they feel about their company/brand/project/product. Then, you are sure to look in the same direction and at the same time, respecting their values.

Each design is then closer to what your partner whishes’ to achieve and whishes’ to communicate.

Do you do co design ?

Yes, a big part of the design work is “private labels” and professional gifting, therefore it is essential for LR Paris, to perfectly understand our partner’s brand and history. Then, it is easier to fulfill our client’s needs in order to work together and look in the same direction.

Do you gain time ?

In order to be able to create and realize a Design that will match your client’s request and ideas, it is vital to spend a large amount of time on researching, in order to have the perfect idea. Therefore, working directly with our stakeholder, eliminates some steps in the whole process. Knowing our client, it’s history, ideas, values… enables the designer to think faster than on his own.

Does it bring you new ideas or a different point of view?

Indeed, design is, in general, more of a thought process or an holistic process. Therefore, the more you can share with your clients and stakeholders, the more ideas will merge together and the more you can create something new and Fresh.


Photos: Miller Taylor.


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