Co – Design: a new way of thinking and a new creativity base

Co – Design: a new way of thinking and a new creativity base

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Co-design: more than a philosophy

Charles West Churchman is an American philosopher born in 1913 in Philadelphia who first introduced the concept of Co-Designing.

To him, co- design, is in a certain way, the development of a new way of thinking ; “ when you view the world through the eyes of another”. During many years, Designers did not exploit this opportunity, most created items according to the client’s idea, but there was rarely a real collaboration between the thinker and the executer.

Today, co-designing is a new trend as the solutions are then de-multiplied : designers and users create solutions together. Now, the stakeholders become part of the Designing process. And it is seen that the quality of the Designs will increase if the stakeholders show interest in the creation steps.

Co-Design is therefore erasing the line between the designers and the users, and increasing the idea that the solutions are developed for ourselves.

co design how Blue Spice

co design how Blue Spice

Three different and precise concepts

The co-Design is based on three different and precise concepts :

  • It works as an innovation booster as we start from a problem and we conclude with multiple solutions.
  • It creates a new working system in order to go through the collaboration process to the co-elaboration process, as many different skills come into account. Innovation is more in more interdisciplinary therefore the system has to be more and more collaborative.
  • It can validate or not the project in real time (testing the design quickly to targeted users), this divergent/convergent approach leads to a proto-concept (conceptual prototype) that responds to the users’ values, as they are the innovation basis.

Therefore co-design is based on time saving and optimization of the conception phases. Co-design reduces the unforeseeable aspects of a technical object’s development.

Time after time, co-design lead to human centered design, which is a philosophy and a conception approach in every domain where the expectations and characteristics of the end users are taken into account at every stage of the development process of the product.

The conception approach is based on the final consumer himself, as the idea here is that they are best to evaluate and use the product. Therefore the development of a product is guided by needs and requirements of the final users instead of the technical possibilities or technologies.

Three stages of conception

In order to follow each step of the conception, there are three stages

  • the analyzing phase : in order to establish the final consumers expectations
  • the conception phase : sample conception and analyze (by the final consumers)
  • the evaluation phase : measures the use of the product and validate the clients satisfaction


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