What is Design ? What is Design today ?

What is Design ? What is Design today ?

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Design can be defined as an “useful art”.

Indeed, Design needs to have functionality and be aesthetic for commercial reasons. A concept that does not have a function is not a design.


Since a few years, Design became an alternate way to create and innovate. Today designing reinforces the differentiation. Therefore Design becomes the gap between the technique and the final product or service. Design is the Solution, as it emphasizes the real potential of the product, the design is a part of the product.

There are a lot of stakes and potential in our new society. Values, needs and individuals have changed. The market has so many offers that Design is the major tool to make sure one product is chosen against another one. Design brings an added value to the product it’s self. The customer cares less about the product it self, but about the product as a whole.


As a result the Designer becomes :

  • an innovator of product and services
  • a sensitive observer that carries out new values
  • a strategist of desire creating differentiation
  • a creator for the industry based on new and suitable imagination
  • an image for the company’s identification


The Designer is a novelty creator, an innovation creator and a value creator.


So, what is Design exactly ? Design is so much more than a logo. Design is a concept, a state of mind, it’s a solution. Design is what makes your company different than your competitors. Why do we buy iPhones ? Why do we travel with Airbnb ? Why do we drink a Starbucks coffee ? These companies are doing much more than just selling a service or a product. They are selling the customer a concept and then each buyer is identifying itself to the company, which emphasises the state of mind.


Today, Design brings a form and function together in order to create a concept. And this is what we are all so sensitive about. What we buy and what we do define who we are. In many ways, the “image” is vital in our everyday life. For a company, the Design is an essential recognition tool in order to reinforce the corporation’s identity. Design helps to define a brand and to communicate visually. The brand is a management tool as the design of the brand represents the company’s values and philosophy. Therefore, in today’s organization, Design is everywhere and is fundamental for every corporation.


“ Design is not only what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

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