Innovative items : May 2015

Innovative items : May 2015

Below a selection of innovative items – by Blue Spice

Customizable Tea Bags :

innovative item tea bags

innovative item tea bags

What would be the best way to impress your client during a meeting? Or what advertising strategy would be stronger than to see your brand every morning during your breakfast?

Here we offer you a clever way to promote your brand and to charm your clients.

The Tea Bag hangers are in cardboard and totally customizable. You can create your brand identity, a total new packaging and expose your brand in a totally unthinkable place.

Interview of Frederick McSwain

While growing up in North Carolina, Frederick McSwain studied Fine Arts and Design at the University of North Carolina. After graduation, his career began with a series of painting installations that influenced his inspiration. He then was able to express his multiples talents through different disciplines. In 2010, he founded his studio to explore the overlaps in art, design, and popular culture. He was part of the Gallery R’Pure exhibits “BrokenOffBrokenOff” in 2011, “Love it or Leave it” in 2012, and “Off the Grid” in 2013.

Today, Frederick is chief creative officer for LR Paris and creates beautiful objects for leading companies.

Co – Design: a new way of thinking and a new creativity base

Co-design: more than a philosophy

Charles West Churchman is an American philosopher born in 1913 in Philadelphia who first introduced the concept of Co-Designing.

To him, co- design, is in a certain way, the development of a new way of thinking ; “ when you view the world through the eyes of another”. During many years, Designers did not exploit this opportunity, most created items according to the client’s idea, but there was rarely a real collaboration between the thinker and the executer.

What is Design ? What is Design today ?


Design can be defined as an “useful art”.

Indeed, Design needs to have functionality and be aesthetic for commercial reasons. A concept that does not have a function is not a design.


Since a few years, Design became an alternate way to create and innovate. Today designing reinforces the differentiation. Therefore Design becomes the gap between the technique and the final product or service. Design is the Solution, as it emphasizes the real potential of the product, the design is a part of the product.