Brand positioning and market research

Brand positioning and market research

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Positioning a brand is what every organization attempts in order to create a distinct image of their product in the minds of their prospect customers. The aim here is of creating a relatively competitive comparison which the product will occupy in the target market. This helps in representing the product in the best way possible and thus even attracts customers towards the product adding to its popularity as well as sales figure.

Brand identity or the corporate identity design of any product is a primary goal of many organizations and it’s driven by many factors. The main factor however is the consumer insight as these are the actual users of the same. Brands occupy a position into the minds of consumers and its mandatory to understand how end users perceive the brand which can greatly decide the success or failure of the final product.

Market research is another important aspect which can help in designing a product which has high rate of success in the target market. Brand characteristic can be easily decided based on an intensive research which if conducted aptly can help in a great manner. The characteristics include understanding how the product should be, what all features it should contain, what aspects need improvisation, what new changes can be made and many more such questions. Answer to all such questions can be of great assistance in designing a product that perfectly fits into the anticipated need frame of users with brand characteristics that are ideally what the consumers are looking for.

An insight market research if conducted in the right way can influence design direction greatly. It can trigger in the minds of product designers ideas that are fruitful and acceptable in today’s environment,. The changed mindset can prompt designers move more closely on the direction which is best and can thus induce in creating the product which ideally fits in the need frame of prospective consumers.

Inform design can help majorly in implementing a successful brand positioning strategy which can facilitate in out maneuvering competitive brands and rise on the top of the industry.

Watchful research can help in creating a winning strategy that can help in carefully planning and timing the position of a brand. Market research method which organizations follow include surveys, conducted either manually or online, polls, questionaries’ and direct consumer interaction as well.

Finally brand positioning is a strategic decision which relies on imperfect information. Doing market research can help brand owners and designers in discovering a highly potent and compelling brand position which can make all the difference and help rank a brand successfully in the actual market place and the real world.

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