“There is always a connection between brand and business, and it is unnecessary to create a story for it.”

How powerful is packaging design? A package does not only protect the product. It plays an important role to decide the price, and it also has an impact on the purchasing power of consumers. Moreover, the packaging should be considered the appearance when it is placed in the household or office. Again, consumer’s needs and market’s characteristics by thorough research, and develop the naming and design improving the competitiveness. The direction of packaging can be classified broadly depending on the characteristics of products.

It is worth mentioning that packaging, unlike other fields of design that draw on the combined skills of the graphic and industrial designer, presents a unique challenge since it encompasses such a diversity of materials and production processes. The range of finishes that can be achieved through the choice of printing and production techniques present extensive creative opportunities, but they are invariably constrained by the packaging materials.

“The key to success is satisfying the needs of the customers, and by achieving that goal, it will lead to maintaining and getting customers” – Walter Landon

Over the time and experiences, I have learned that creating a brand isn’t just something you can do on your own. it involves a lot of other aspects and communication between you as a company and your clients. As a branding agency, our clients come to us for many reasons. Some introduce a new offering, enter a new business, some change their business models or expand into new markets. Some simply want generate excitement among internal and external audiences; still others seek to define and measure brand value or reestablish their unique, relevant point of difference. All these, involve a lot of works from both sides, we have to work with the project team at the client side to proceed the project..


Blue Spice_Creative Process


As Walter Landor from Landor Associates said, Design activities in the field of advertising are primarily short-term, but marketing, design, and corporate design are created based on the premise of long-term use. Therefore, there is a big difference between them in terms of conditions, talents, and abilities. Sometimes we have to refuse to accept the project that does not include the consumer research process due to budgetary reasons. However, A Branding system must be considered as a flexible creature. It must transform, growing as time goes by and developing to meet the changing needs of the client. It is important not to be stuck with data and manual, and must have a balance that can react to the sudden changes of market.

In the huge movement and changes of business world, companies change their identity to stay with or ahead go the business world. This act is sometimes called merger, start up, spin off, etc., Whatever this act is called, the question for all of us is probably be “What is the best form of change”



We are living in the world that full of brands. We’re surrounded by tons of them everyday in our lives. Everywhere we find different logos and images of companies and brands trying to send their messages to us. We have to admit that brands play a main role, becoming protagonists of a short story that will be presented out to the world. This is not something new but periodically happens in the marketing world. Our job as a designer is to find that story, and tell it well!  

Why is branding important? Because people often choose products based on their perceived value rather than their actual value. With the right branding, businesses can increase their product’s perceived value, establish relationships with their customers that span ages and borders, and nurture those relationships into a lifelong bond.




TWG tealogo-twinings-bluespice










Whether it’s fair or not, we often do judge books by their covers. And that’s why the perceived value of a service or product is usually greater than the actual one. The same visual identity seen time and again builds trust keeps customers coming back for more. It’s of like putting a face to a name – logos help people remember their experiences with companies. For example, these two brands are quite similar when we compared them together ” Now, Twinings is everywhere. They’re the Walmart of teas, so I truly thought Twinings was trying to go for a high end look. My face is so red right now” said by bejeweledcreamer.blogspot “their branding seemed so similar – that yellow? TW? Seriously? It was a serious *mind blown* moment for us when we realized that TWG and Twinnings were totally separate companies” said



The fact is that TWG brand convinced people to assume that TWG stands for Twinings which actually  TWG stands for The Wellness Group – a Singapore based company that imports teas from all around the world.  This company is a luxury concept that incorporates an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail outlets and exquisite tea rooms. Not connected to Twinnings and yet their brandings are so similar.


The finest teas of the world
Since 1837
Grand cru prestige’

The company was established in 2008 but the way they claimed to use “since 1837” means they have 1837 blends. This is how branding can be so powerful and it’s all about the stories we tell. Although, this matter could get a little bit confusing and manipulating to some people who knows Twinings well but TWG continues to grow and quickly developed into a flourishing free port, an emporium, a veritable crossroads along the Eastern sea routes, where fine teas, coffees, cotton, sugar, pepper, nutmeg, cloves and even gold, were exchanged in the utmost liberty. Fleets of junks from China, Siam and the Celebes would arrive with their rudders up, looking like shops, bringing chests of tea that were soon to grace tea tables across Europe. Singapore had established itself as a gateway of world-wide trade.




Our two projects “OXUS” and “Annette Itim Tuk tuk” were selected to showcase at DEBUT 8 by Thailand Creative Design Center (or TCDC) for three months along with having an opportunity to speak about them as well.

The speech featured ideas of making a brand, product development, Inspirations, challenges, obstacles and what we have learned from these projects. For the Annette itim tuk tuk, wasIMG_8236 inspired by old-fashion style with a combination between the symbol of Thailand’s national identity and the uniqueness of ice cream which has made Anette Itim Tuk Tuk modern and different, combined with a touch of originality hidden in it. With the uniqueness of the brand and the quality of ice cream have made Anette Itim TukTuk became characteristic and successful well-known brand of Thailand.

Whereas, OXUS, a jewelry brand from Australia. With the knowledge we have about the design, manufacture, and visualization.

IMG_8240We had the opportunity to work with Oxus to create business opportunities together under “Noir Collection” We wanted to promote this collection reflects on the Oxus to the end, so we chose to use the “snakes” identity design which represents Oxus, combined with the use of pearls, rock, metal and laser around the edges of the product. In addition, we have used the program to develop three-dimensional design which allows us to create a very intricate. It took us more than seven months to develop and design along with modeling and making 3D hyper realistic image. This allows our customers to reduce product development costs and can be used for such virtual publicity as well. As a result, this collection turned out to be a unique jewelry that Oxus could ever offer.


For some people who don’t know what TCDC is, It is design publications covering all aspects of design: art history, interior design, architecture, fashion, textiles, graphic design, photography, film, etc. We promoted our company and pages on TCDCCONNECT.COM which is also a portal into a vast world of information and inspiration.

Thanks to TCDC team that allowed us to have this opportunity to showcase our ideas and creativities!



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