We operated for 5 year under the name of Asia Design Studio, expanding each year and enlarging our range of services and skills. Being a brainchild of two entrepreneurs combining 25 year of experience in design and procurement of promotional gifts, ADS was already fully active a month later after its opening.

Blue Spice our history

As of today, Blue Spice has become a one-stop design and communication agency serving a worldwide clientele.


As designers and communicators, we look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come.
We carry out our Vision, which is the standard for our actions and decisions:

By being free and thinking out of the box,
We BREAK THROUGH BORDERS                                              

By providing solutions through combining aesthetic & function,
We ENABLE PROGRESS                        

By demonstrating social & environmental responsibility,


  • Build a profitable, social and sustainable Design & Communication company.
    • By being profitable and efficient, develop well-balanced relationships with all stakeholders:
      • Customers
      • Suppliers
      • Freelancers
      • Employees
      • Managers
      • Shareholders
    • Create a positive work space, where people are happy to come and to develop their skills and talents for the benefit of our customers and our company.
  • By offering the best Design & Communication services, support our customers in their growth and prosperity
  • Create added-value
    • As communicators, develop impactful and aesthetic visual communication tools
    • As designers, create functional & attractive objects


We are Blue Spice – a growing Design & Communication company located in the hearth of Bangkok, committed to change your ideas into reality!

We are a team of…

  • Creative Designers, with a wide and complementary range of skills. Proficient in top professional software’s like Illustrator, Photoshop, Rhinoceros, Solidworks, InDesign and more. Coming from highly renowned art design schools and very creative and skillful individuals.
  • Top notch, web wizards. With loads of knowledge & expertise and an overload of impressive skills, both web designing and development. Jam-packed with the latest web languages like PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ajax and many more; they are focused on providing the most interactive, in-trend and user-friendly designs to blow your mind away.
  • Dedicated Account Managers proficient in English, French and Thai to serve as a link between the clients and the designer’s through emails, Skype meeting and in person. It’s their job to make sure that the customers’ requirements are fulfilled and the designs produced are suitable and desirable to the target market they intended for.
  • And a team manager who keeps the company together through thick and thin. A multilingual, multi-talented and multitasking individual who attains values and standards to make a client’s experience worthwhile.

We are committed to…

  • Create a design oriented environment, where you can learn and share with the professionals, a place to develop your design skills.
  • Use co-design approach where we encourage stakeholders of the projects to be involved in the process.
  • Promote creativity by supporting an open exchange of ideas
  • Provide unique and creative designs and communication tools to our customers
  • Deliver high-quality & reliable service to our customers
  • Interact and respond quickly as well as efficiency with our customers to assist them throughout the project
  • Maintain and contribute to a friendly work environment, where politeness and care are the key words.


Made Only with Creativity, No Time, No Budget.


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